Volumetric Bodies... The Exhibition

This exhibit displays true 3D models of volumes through the use of a rapid prototyping technology known as 3D printing. These 3D models are the results of animations and deformations as described in [Correa et al. Feature-aligned Volume Manipulation, IEEE Visualization'06]. Our inspiration for this exhibit comes from Bodies, The Exhibition. Instead of using real bodies, we are using scanned volumes of the male dataset from the Visible Human Project [NLM] and other publicly available volumetric datasets. One of the volumes was printed as a plaster model using a ZCorp 450 system and arranged in a zoetrope.

Download the Data

The following are volume and surface data containing deformations. For the purposes of printing a structurally sound 3D model, we filled in data on the empty spaces resulting from deformation.

Image Dimensions (type) Download Color map
256x256x256 (unsigned char) foot1
256x256x256 (unsigned char) frog
256x256x256 (unsigned char) head